Through coordination of infrastructure providers and strategic investment in key areas, e-INIS provides researchers with improved access to world-class resoures.

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High-End Computing

e-INIS partners manage some of the most advanced capacity and capability computing systems available to Irish researchers. Expert teams in both regional and national centres provide access and support on a range of advanced compute resources. Improved collaboration coupled with a programme of ongoing investment ensures that researchers have access to the best of facilities.
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Data Storage and Management

With increasing amounts of research becomming constrained by capacity and expertise in dealing with data sets, the provision of large scale storage and management services is a key activity of the e-INIS project. As coordinated effort among the project partners, e-INIS is dedicated meeting some of the data management requirements of the Irish research community
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Advanced Communications and Middleware Services

Through close collaboration with partners HEAnet, the e-INIS consortium is leading the way in developing Ireland's next generation of research communications infrastructure. Middleware services provided include access to national and international Grid computing infrastructures and improved user / access management mechanisms.
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Research Data Sets

Layered above the Data Storage and Management activities, the maintenance and provision of research data sets extends the offerings of the e-INIS consortium beyond physical resoures. The provision of managed access to large-scale data sets around which to foster collaborations and further data-driven research is a key objective in e-Infrastructures.
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User Training and Support

e-INIS partners are closely engaged with the national user community and offer user training courses and expert support services.